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Fat Ted's tomorrow! This place is a great venue - to find out more check out Fat Ted's info. It is located on 2713 Commerce St, and the phone # is 214-747-8337 if you need more info. Hope to see you there!

The Backroom show was awesome; Charlie did an amazing job covering the bass and will be an incredible addition to the band. Word on the street is that Spinaker will be back there in March for a Saturday, opening the CD release party for Greyhaven. Check BACK soon for confirmation of this chisme.

The Battle of the Bands was an interesting experience. While the show was awesome - the fans were loud and rowdy, and the music was phenomenal - the setup of the gig was terrible. The winner was determined by noise at the end of the whole show, including all the other bands, so Spinaker was off by 9PM but the show did not end until 1145PM. Since all of our fans had to stay for three hours in order to cheer for us, we came in third, and of course the last band that played won. Still I guess third out of forty nine bands is not too bad. It was a great show regardless, thanks to everyone who came out!

December 11 was an awesome Spinaker Day! Special thanks to Brewster McCracken for making this whole thing possible, and for the wonderful introduction. It was such an honor to play for the city council meeting. What a wonderful experience! If you missed it you can still see it on channel 6, look for when the time says its near 520-530. Spinaker even recieved a proclamation! Check it out.

Dallas rocked amazingly hard! There was a large crowd, a badass club and an awesome scene down at Deep Ellum. for all you Dallas fans that missed it - Spinaker will be back. The whole festival was a boisterously good time, and an excellent experience. You can vote for Spinaker soon at

Spinaker in Dallas this Friday!
That's right, Spinaker is playing in the Dallas Music Festival this Friday at Fat Ted's at 9PM. See ya then! For more info, check out
Our next show in Austin is the Battle of the Bands finals at the Vibe on December 21st. Get tickets now before they're sold out!

Waterloo Ice House rocks! The fans were awesome, singing "row row row your boat" in rounds and supporting the Birthday Boy's onstage flow. (ed. note: Jordan's B-Day was the 30th) Spinaker rocked out for a two hour set including sixteen originals and a few covers. It was an incredible show, and free! For those of you who missed it, here are some pics.

left front front2 Mo J Z right

Thanks Frank Allen for the pics!
[posted 11/29/2003]

Thursday shows were amazing. Thanks everyone who came out - it was a lot of fun! Tallboys were great too. How 'bout that acoustic beginning? Always changing things up for you fans to hear something new and exciting. And Zach's song - "Pretty Boy Floyd" - awesome song and cool latin vibe. Soon I'll post the lyrics for that one, "Bring it Home," and the new version of "Conundrum." See you at Waterloo!

December 11th will be proclaimed Spinaker Day in Austin, Texas by Mayor Will Wynn! We are performing one song at the city council meeting which airs live on Cable Channel 6 at 5:30 and then again throughout the holidays. Spinaker will receive a Proclamation prior to the performance.

Spinaker will be interviewed live on the Austin Music Network (Cable channel 15) followed by the debut of their live performance at Bigsby's, on Monday November 9th at 5:00PM!

The host is Frankie,, and his show, Frankie Goes to High School, is every weekday from 5-6 PM. You can request our songs after the interview Monday at 512-451-1777. For a full listing of what songs can be requested, visit the Media page. Thanks Frankie for all your support!

Spinaker on TV! That Bigsby's show was totally tubular, and was live on TV! And its OK if you missed it, because soon you will be able to request it live from the Austin Music Network on channel 15. Thanks Frankie for setting that up - in fact check out his show on AMN Mondays from 5-6PM. Pretty soon you might catch us there! Don't take my word that it slammed, see it for yourself. I'll let you know when its ready, and untill then, enjoy these pics.

left on air nate & aaron zach right

Thanks Frank Allen for the pics!
[posted 10/20/2003]

Next show - Saturday October 18th at Bigsby's at 5PM, sponsored by Austin Music Network! We are closing (hmm early show?) from 5PM to 6PM.
Bigsby's is across the street from the Vibe on 505 E. 6th

[posted 10/7/2003]

Spinaker will be busy with a lot planned for the next few months. We will be in the studio on October 25th and 26th, and again sometime in mid November. Also, every Thursday in Novemeber except Thanksgiving Spinaker is playing @ 9PM @ the Vibe, followed by the Tallboys @ 10PM. Spinaker will also gloriously return to Waterloo Ice House on Saturday November 29th, so after eating Turkey and watching football you can jam to some badass music before you return to work or school. We have a few more gigs in the works - one sponsored by the Austin Music Network and MAYBE another in Plano TX, so check back for more updates.

[posted 10/7/2003]

Spinaker made it to the Finals! Thanks everyone who bought tickets and came to support us! You did a great job - we made it to the next round. Congratulations to Parks Result for also making to the next round. The final round will be on December 21st at the Vibe versus seven other bands who beat out seven bands in the preliminary round like we did. We'll be selling tickets soon, and the winner is based on noise made by the crowd so it all depends on how many people we have there. ALL OF YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! Woohoo! Anyway, here are the pics!

left close far good Reverend Dale Right

Thanks Frank Allen for the pics!

[posted 10/6/2003]

Help Spinaker win the Battle of the Bands at the Red Eyed Fly on Sunday October 5th!!! The first thing you can do is buy a ticket: from one of the band members or by sending a check to Jordan M Allen. The second thing you can do is come to the show and cheer us on!!! The winner is determined by the crowd response at the end of the show so we need your support! What time we play is also dependent on ticket sales so hurry up and get one now!

[posted 9/10/2003]

Awesome show - Momos is a badass place to play! With a unique set Spinaker mixed things up a bit and even gave fans a little extra due their overwhelming plea for an "encore!" And for the first time since Waterloo Records, the band played "Quite the Conundrum." The band is really mixing things up, and you won't want to miss them on Thursday the 18th at the Vibe. Out-of-towners coming up for Austin City Limits might want to come a day early to check out the best up and coming local Austin band around! Here's Spinaker at Momos:

left front front front

Thanks Frank Allen for the pics!
[posted 9/10/2003]

Cool show Saturday. Thanks everyone who came out and the other bands - Copious and Enfield Road. Check these out.

left mid front

Thanks Frank Allen for the pics!
[posted 9/9/2003]

Spinaker is playing at a new club (but old Texas landmark) the Texas Mist this Saturday the 6th. Its a 21+ show so if its not quite legal for you to go, get your parents to see what we're all about. There's a great lineup with Copious at 9:00, Spinaker at 10:00pm, the Tallboys at 11:30pm, and Enfield rd. at 1am. For all "minors" you can still check us out at Momo's September 8th at 9:00. See you there!!!
[posted 9/1/2003]

"the show on thurday kicked some serious butt!"
-David Stevens-

That show was AWESOME!!! Swingin' Charlie kicked it off to a good start and Spinaker kept fans excited, enthralled, and grooving with amazing energy and sound. It might have been the best show to date! For an hour and a half the crowd was treated with thirteen of Spinaker's original songs and some improv jams with a few special guests. Overall, it rocked!

Aaron end jam front jordan and nathan movin' zach

Thanks Frank Allen for the pics!
[posted 9/1/2003]

Swingin' Charlie and Spinaker are playing together at the Vibe this Thursday! Head on over to 6th and Red River at 7:00PM to hear SwCh, and stay for Spinaker at 8:00. See you then!
[posted 8/26/2003]

What a radical way to kick off the school year! Spinaker's debut at the Backroom was jam-packed with mindblowing music and sound! And the new song was equally incredible, receiving rave reviews from fans. Here are some cool pics depicting a cool show.

All right center cool angle anr

Thanks Frank Allen for the pics!
[posted 8/25/2003]

This Sunday at the Backroom Spinaker will be unveiling a NEW SONG!!! Thats right we will satisfy your cravings for tubular Spinaker tunes with brand new music and all of your old favorites. Also we have a new gig on Thursday September 18th at the Vibe so all you out of towners planning on coming in to town for Austin City Limits - come in a day early for a real treat! Until then see you Sunday and dont forget the 8th!
[posted 8/21/2003]

. . . 8/14/03 . . . last night was an awesome show to end summer and kick off a new school year of Spinaker. With such short notice (one day), violent thunderstorms, and people at the door telling fans a different band was playing, it was incredibly attended and played. Thanks everyone who came to support Spinaker and see you August 24th at the Backroom!

Jordan Jordan and Nathan front close front

Thanks Amadeus, Sarah, and Thomas for the pics!
[posted 8/14/2003]

. . .8/12/03. . .Spinaker will be playing at the Vibe TOMORROW Wednesday the 13th at 11:00PM!!! Short notice but it will be a rockin' show!

. . .8/11/03. . .the Backroom is an all ages show - I've heard confusion so let me clear that up for certain - August 24th at the Backroom is ALL AGES so I hope see everyone there! Spinaker will also be playing at Momo's on September 8th at 9:00 so we'll see you then too!

. . . 7/18/03 . . . Spinaker is back!!! We will play at the Backroom on August 24th at 8:00! Its going to be an awesome show you won't want to miss! ROCK HARD!

. . . 7/9/03 . . .I finally did some major updating and additions to the site! You'll notice a fancy background and a lyrics page, and a links page. World tour next? I think so. No news yet about upcoming shows but as soon as I know you will too!

"Man y'all sound off the hook!" - Marcy
. . . 6/20/03 . . . Spinaker will rock the Backroom sometime in August - check back soon for the details!

"Yall KICKED ASS!!" - Jimbo

. . . 5/29/03 . . . It was a totally awesome show. We played every song, changed some stuff up, did some improv (go Maurice) and pulled off a cover without having ever practiced it. There was an awesome turnout and everyone got into it. Here are some shots

shirtless flute front close front zach back right

Thanks Frank Allen for pics!
[posted 5/29/2003]

. . . 5/13/03 . . . Scratch the May 17th Great Strides 5K walk, Rock and Roll-a-thon because Spinaker will no longer be playing at that. Jordan (yours truly) will be doing a solo acoustic set instead because Nathan has other obligations. Come to Waterloo Ice House on May 23 at 10:00 to see Spinaker in total!

[posted 5/13/2003]

. . . 5/12/03 . . . Waterloo Ice House on 6th (and Lamar) on May 23rd at 10 o'clock! Spinaker will rock! Another big gig! (man I rhyme all the time!) Better see you there because this will be the last gig for a month or so.

[posted 5/12/2003]

. . . 5/10/03 . . . Playing a few more shows before summer! On May 15th we're playing Trojan Idol at Anderson in the theatre around 7:00, and on May 17th we're playing an acoustic set on Riverside and Congress which benefits Cystic Fibrosis research. Help out a good cause (at least remember to recycle!)

[posted 5/10/2003]

. . . 5/1/03 . . . Now the demo is available online through Waterloo Records! Rather than sending in a check and worrying about all that business, you can order it Here directly on the Waterloo website.

[posted 5/1/2003]

. . . 4/15/03 . . . You can now buy the Spinaker Demo at Waterloo Records! Its still $5, but now you support local music and the local music industry. Check in the main section of the store under "S" In case you don't know, Waterloo is on the corner of 6th and Lamar. Go out and get one today!

[posted 4/15/2003]

. . . 4/14/03 . . . One of the best shows ever! We got a great VIBE going and kept it up with out awesome fans. The new song included a surprise flute appearance, and had a great response from the crowd. It was a tight, well played show demonstrating how every time is better than the last! (and thats hard to do!)

good 4_12 jordan right

There is a single picture of one of the band members (me) bc my dad takes the pictures!
Thanks Frank Allen for pics!

[posted 4/14/2003]

. . . 4/6/03 . . . Two more gigs coming up - Both this Saturday, April 12th. We're playing the Vibe at 8:00pm, but before that the Excalibur Benefit Show at McCallum around 2:00pm. At the Vibe we will be playing at least one new song, so be ready to be amazed with our new material!

[posted 4/6/2003]

. . . 4/6/03 . . . It was the first time Lake Travis has done this, so there were a few problems with most everything. We managed to walk away with second place! Despite many technical difficulties, we had a fun time. Thanks to all our loyal fans who drove so far to see us, and thanks everyone who voted to earn us the second place ranking. Here are a few pics.

left far mid mid2 Right

Thanks Julie and Kristen for the pics
[posted 4/6/2003]

. . . 4/4/03 . . . Finally changed the Battle of the Bands time. It's now officially 1:10 pm at Lake Travis High School. We only have 20 mins so be on time if you dont want to miss us!

[posted 4/4/2003]

. . . 4/3/03 . . . Steamboat was great! Although a slightly smaller turnout than we expected, we improvised a lot more and gave fans a chance to hear new twists on old favorites. Pictures should be coming soon. See you at the next one!
[posted 4/3/2003]

. . . 3/23/03 . . . We're not foolin' when we say, come to the Spinaker concert on April Fool's Day! It's at Steamboat at 9:00PM, and you'd be foolish not to see us play!
[posted 3/23/2003]

. . . 3/18/03 . . . Two more gigs coming up. Although they are not yet definite, we are tenatively scheduled for April 1st at Steamboat at 9pm, and April 5th for the Lake Travis Battle of the Bands. I'll let you know more as soon as I know more. See you soon!
[posted 3/18/2003]

. . . 3/17/03 . . . AWESOME show on Saturday! Tons of fans came out to support us and decreed it our "Best show yet!" The club was packed, the music was great, and everyone was rowdy! Someone starting dancing in the front, and he got a few others into it as well. Great energy and an electrifying performance! Also, sorry no video like I said there would be - the sound was all messed up. But here are some pics of Saturday!
right middle Jordan Zach NateDog
Thanks Frank Allen for the pics
[posted 3/17/2003]

. . . 3/12/03 . . . Steamboat was awesome last night! We started a little later than expected but it gave our fans a chance to hear Razing Jericho and then we rocked out a full set! Look for us at Steamboat again soon, and come see us play March 15th at 8:00pm at the Capital Club (6th and Neches) during SxSW weekend! No pictures this time, but we will soon have some new video clips from last night's show in the Multimedia section. See you soon!
[posted 3/12/2003]

. . . 3/9/03 . . . Our second Trojan Live was better than ever, even though Zach was out of town for Friday's performance. (thanks Nick for filling in) Frank Allen got some great pics.
Right outgreat Middle Mid2 Left
[posted 3/9/2003]
. . . 2/23/03 . . . Make it a Spinaker Spring Break by seeing us at Steamboat on March 11th at 10:00pm, and then during South By Southwest at the "Capital" (across the street from the Vibe) on Saturday the 15th at 8:00!
[posted 2/23/2003]

. . . 2/23/03 . . . Another great show at the Vibe! With a decent crowd of 50+ there were plenty of people to earn us a good spot in SxSW. With an hour to play we got through all songs except Allie's Song. Here are some pics.
front Vibe 2_22
The pics are a little blurry, but the music was loud and clear.
Thanks Berkely Palm for the pics
[posted 2/23/2003]
. . . 2/15/03 . . . This Saturday, February 22nd at 4:00 at the Vibe is a show which determines whether we play SxSW or not! Also, the Steamboat gig is now on March 11th at 10:00pm. Its a much better time - so I'll see you there!
[posted 2/15/2003]

. . . 2/15/03 . . . Thanks to all our incredible fans for an awesome turnout and great show! It took a a few minutes to get started (I opened my guitar case only to find a string already broken) and we did not get to all of our songs, yet each one we did play sounded better than it ever has before. In addition, our newest song was played before an audience for the first time ever - it ROCKED. In fact, the whole set rocked hard enough that the Spinaker will be playing at the Vibe on February 22nd at 4:00 as try-out of sorts for South by Southwest! Everyone come! Until then, here are a couple of pictures; check back later for more.
Love and Music the beautiful people
Love to the music and all those who support it! (Happy Valentine's Day!)
Thanks Mr. Kiley for letting us use your amazing guitar!
Thanks Frank Allen for the pix!

[posted 2/15/2003]
. . . 2/11/03 . . . The Vibe is coming up fast, but if you can't make it or if you want to see more of us, we have another gig on March 24th at Steamboat, at 11. I know its a Monday - hope to see you there!
[posted 2/11/2003]

. . . 2/6/03 . . . Finally found out the time- 8PM on Valentine's Day! Remember Romance and Rock N Roll at 8:00 at the Vibe!
[posted 2/6/2003]

. . . 1/30/03 . . . Spinaker will be playing at the VIBE on Valentine's Day! We're not sure the time yet - check back soon for more info. It's a Friday so you'd better bring your date and be there! Nothing's more romantic than rock and roll!
[posted 1/30/2003]

. . . 1/20/03 . . . An incredible show at the Vibe! Spinaker rocked hard to an audience of around 80 people (on a Monday night!) cheering "ONE MORE SONG" at the end of the set. The mixing was just right and the music was beautiful. Hope you will experience it yourself at our next show - and want to buy a demo. Check back soon for upcoming tour dates!
[posted 1/20/2003]

. . . 1/12/03 . . . Spinaker finally has a demo! It is a three song CD with AMAZING quality. Buy it on the store page or check out clips on the audio-video page. We recorded at the Compound this past weekend, an awesome studio with great producers. Thanks Kristin, Carolyn, and Terri for bringing us food and hanging out! Anyway, check out these pics of the session.
aaron nathan w/ mic
Nathan and Aaron rock out the vocals.
ken chris
Ken and Chris made it a great experience with their expertise and humor.
This time I took the pix!
[posted 1/12/2003]
. . . 12/15/02 . . . Head on over to the VIBE (on 6th Street) on January the 13th at 9:00PM to see one of the best shows of your life! See ya there!

[posted 12/15/2002]
. . . 12/5/02 . . . Some say it was the best show yet, but we're just doing our job and makin' music. The sound was crisp and clear, the mixing just right, and music was perfect. Short but sweet, after the three songs planned, fans requested another and got what they asked for. The sound was great, and here is a visual:

Playing in an auditorium is always a fun experience, but no smoke machine this time.

Thanks again to Frank Allen for the Pix!

[posted 12/05/2002]
. . . 12/2 . . . That's right folks, come on over to Anderson High School's guitar concert at 7:00 PM on Wednesday the 4th to check out a three song performance by your favorite band (Spinaker not Led Zeppelin!). For more info, tour this page. See ya there!
[posted 12/2/2002]

. . . 12/1 . . . Long Time no see! Sorry I haven't been updating the site. I'll try to keep up with it more as the band gets busier and has more news to proclaim. For now, we're working on a couple new songs, with a jazzier and bluesier feel. We're also still searching for a good place to record, and more shows to play. As always, any info or help will be appreciated. Until next time - hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying the holiday season! Oh and here's a pic of the demo we recorded at Zach's.

Someday you too can own one of these!
[posted 12/1/2002]

. . . 11/15 . . . Another gig! This Saturday we'll play a small party gig for someone's birthday, a fun opportunity to get known. If you want us to play at your party, contact me and we'll see what we can work out.
[posted 11/15/2002]

. . . 11/12 . . . We got a demo recorded! Since we recorded it using a single microphone hanging from Zach's ceiling fan, we won't be selling or giving it to fans. The quality, although recorded on MD, is less than desired for, as the PA is just a small practice PA and the bass and lead guitar are often hard to hear. But because of this recording, we may soon be playing at a club near you!
[posted 11/12/2002]

. . . 11/10/02 . . . An Awesome show at Cafe Mundi! The band rocked out on the roof to a crowd of at least 100 old time fans and first time listeners, with an awesome PA and an incredible energy. We're looking forward to next time and giving a great Thanks to Javier for setting the show up. Here are a couple pics:

The venue was open, airy, and very up close and personal.

Thanks to Frank Allen for the Pix!

[posted 11/10/2002]
Rain Rain Go Away
Come Again Another Day
Watch us this Friday and you can attest
That weather sucks but Spinaker is best!

Due to bad weather, the show did not happen tonight. But alas, all hope is not lost, for the show is not cancelled - only postponed until this coming Friday, November the 8th. Same place - Cafe Mundi - and we will be playing around 9:00. If you want to see a great show, be there.

[posted 11/2/2002]

10/25... Saturday, November 2nd, Spinaker will be playing at the Mundi Cafe for the Almighty Halloween Bash! It is a costume party which features bands such as Dry County , Divide and more. Tickets are $4.00 presale - email me or check the tour page for more info.
[posted 10/25/2002]

Mars Music sucks ...10/23... MARS MUSIC SUCKS!!! They were "not prepared to handle" a full band because it was supposed to be "more of a singer/songwriter type thing," so we did not get to play. I talked to them twice a couple days before the show and they did not mention a single thing about that until we tried to come the day of the show! Look at the advertisement yourself and see what you think! Their Final Words, "We're sorry you were misled." Sorry if they are misled when I kick their asses.
[posted 10/23/2002]

...8/25 ... I finally redid the navigation bar! Now it's crisp, clear, and cool, and it has Zach in it. There are also a couple new pictures in the store page. Here are two previews.

[posted 8/25/2002]

...8/16 ... While Aaron and I were at camp for three weeks, we took a little break. But now we're back and better than ever with our new drummer Zach Lefenfeld! Check out the info page to find a tiny bit about him.

[posted 8/16/2002]

...6/22 ... Go ORCAS!!! Another fun show! We got alot of time to play - went through the whole list of songs and later did a couple more plus a cover and a half. People seemed to like us - we may have three more gigs because of this one! Check out the tour page to find out more.

[posted 6/25/2002]

...6/22 ... We're playing at Westover on 6/23! We hope to see you there!!! :)
...5/26 ... Our first party gig and the first time we had to rent a PA system! We played in my backyard and it was really hot, but it was a good show.

[posted 5/27/2002]

...we got some new pics from our practice in Nathan's garage on 5/17. It was a good practice, we got a couple new songs down. We're getting close to recording!

[posted 5/19/2002]

...Jumpin' Jahosaphat! SpinakerNET has a guestbook! Sign it here! You really got to go here and sign it! It's the great guestbook, no the amazing guestbook!
[posted 5/15/2002]

...Yesterday we played a great show!!! It was tons of fun to play in the auditorium, and Aaron did an awesome job at his first show! Check out the movies on the audio-video page! If you couldn't make it, wish you could have been there!

We had some fun trying out a fog machine, and figuring out how to use it while playing. It worked pretty well. Also we acquired a dolly to roll Aaron's really heavy bass amp on. It's ours Anderson! Get your hands off!

...thanks to Cindy Myska for the pix!...

[posted 5/10/2002]

...this Thursday Spinaker will be playing at least two songs at the Anderson Showcase Choir Concert!!! I'm not sure the exact details, but I'll post them soon. Learn more at Tour and hope to see you there!
[posted 5/4/2002]

AUDIO-VIDEO PAGE IS NOW UP! Click to see short clips of Spinaker live @ Shady Springs Party Barn!

...this weekend was a very happy weekend at the Excalibur show. We played our five songs plus two covers, the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS' "under the bridge" and GREENDAY's "When I come around". People enjoyed the show! (i hope)

In addition, Allie Wilson is really hot

...thanks to Frank Allen for pix!...

[posted 4/13/2002]

...Our school, McCallum High School, just had a benifit show and this band called Spinaker played there. They totally rocked!"

[posted 4/16/2002 by Anonymous]