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Thats right folks, Spinaker will rock Austin Friday January 7th at 10PM at the Vibe. This is a rare opportunity to see the beautifully crafted, catchy and thought-provoking songs of Spinaker performed live by the incredibly talented band. Help us spread the word! Send an email or print out a few flyers.

As a special surprise for the holiday season - Spinaker guitarist Jordan M. Allen will be singing and playing a solo acoustic set of original music on December 20 at 8PM also at the Vibe. After polishing his skills for the past year at open mics and venues at Rice in Houston, Jordan's Austin debut is a gauranteed crowd pleaser. Spinaker fans will recognize a song or two in a different context and with a completely different feel.

Can't wait to see you at the Vibe on Dec. 20th and Jan. 7th!

The 5 song Spinaker EP "Shoes and Socks Together Again" is onsale online at! Featuring the newly recorded "No One Else's Love" and "Bring It Home" as well as the remastered versions of the favorites "Justify My Own" "Satisfied" and a harmonica laden "Reaper" this CD will not disappoint. Austinites can also get it now at Waterloo Records.

Finally - some pics from our CD release. One crowd shot too if you were there see if you can make yourself out. And check back soon for updates on a show over winter break.

argg im a pirate crowd center right

Thank Frank for the pics!

Stellar, unbelievable, heavenly. What else can I say about the mind blowing CD release performance of the 12th? It topped all other Spinaker shows in every dimension. The band, the fans, the music - they all just made for an unforgetable night (whether it was finally getting your hands on that coveted EP or the sight of a troupe of topless male dancers.) If you missed, you can buy the CD at Waterloo Records on 6th and Lamar or, coming soon, online. Also check back for updates in the multimedia section - new music and video will be up shortly, and the store - for the new EP. Until next time. . .

The date and time is confirmed - next Spinaker show is at the Vibe, August 12th 10PM. See you there!

The moment you have all been waiting for is upon us! After months of nailbiting anticipation, the Spinaker EP will finally hit local Austin record stores and digital distributors (For all you out of towners) sometime before August 15th. And the title has been decided . . . "Shoes and Socks Together Again." This is a must have for, well, everyone in the world. So get ready for Spinaker to rock and roll! As for the CD release party - it will be at the Vibe sometime between the 9th and 15th. You will be notified as soon as the date is confirmed. This will be the last chance to feel the amazing energy, listen to the sensational sound, and see the glorious group for at least another couple months, so don't miss it for the world. It will knock your shoes and socks off (and then you can buy a CD to put them back together again).

Final word on the Houston May 9th show - Spinaker will be live at the Scout Bar at 10:30 PM and broadcast on the Texas Buzz 94.5 FM. Click for directions. Its a work and schoolnight, so if you can't make it be sure to tune in to 94.5 and catch us on the 20th at Fitzgerald's.

Waterloo was packed like a can of sardines and was a soulful, energic performance! Spinaker followed it up the next morning with a clear show that connected with Festival goers so that many an unknown face stopped to hear Spinaker music. Thank you everyone who came to both shows, we love to see you there eveytime and would not play shows if not for you fans. Here are some pictures for Pecan Street.

left mid banner right

Thanks Frank for the pics!

Spinaker is booked in Houston! We're coming in twice during the next month; on May 9th a performance live at the Scout Bar and broadcast on 94.7 the Buzz FM, and on May 20th at Fitzgerald's. Get ready to be rocked H-Town!

Austinites - No cover at Waterloo Ice House on the 30th! Euphoria is going to do an opening set starting at 10PM and Spinaker should be on around 1045PM. Spinaker will also be on the KLBJ stage at the 23rd annual PECAN STREET FESTIVAL on MAY 2nd at 11AM. That will be free as well, so check the festival and the awesome music of Spinaker.

Awesome stuff at Anderson and Bowie. Fun shows and great crowds, especially the crowd at Bowie. They were so into the music and a trip to play for! Next show is the Mac Jam at McCallum on the 17th, starting at 7:30pm. Spinaker, Swingin' Charlie, a deejay, and perhaps another surprise band will be entertaining for the night; come out and have some fun! click for more info. After that will be the FREE show at Waterloo Ice House on April 30th, starting at 10pm. We'll be rocking fantastic music, giving out a couple copies of our newest recording to a few lucky winners, and having an awesome time. New sticker design, thanks to Zach from Bowie (different guy than our drummer) -->

Great show at the Backroom. I know its far away for some, but I love playing there for a couple reasons. First of they have a stage thats big enough for me to really move around, get into the music, and entertain you guys. Second, they have good lighting (which is lacking at most clubs) and good sound. And finally, the bands are more connected, and relationships are formed. The whole show was fun, and Spinaker enjoys playing with Frugal McDuck (known at the Backroom as "Will and Company"). Look for more shows with them in the future. Speaking of future shows, Spinaker is playing a lot of benefit shows this month, including Trojan Live at Anderson this week, and the Bowie Battle of the Bands down in the Bowie theatre on Saturday April 10th starting at 5PM. On April 17th Spinaker is rocking the McCallum band benefit with their good friends Swingin' Charlie and Vertigo at McCallum. Then finally on April 30th, we will be playing a FREE SHOW (benefiting you) at Waterloo Ice House from 10PM-1230AM. You know those shows Waterloo shows are AWESOME. Come early for food. Untill then, here are some Backroom pics.

blue charlie front side zach

Thanks Frank for the pics!

Thank you everyone who came out to the Capitol for a fun show. It was crowded on stage and the music was sweet. You have to see us at the Backroom on March 27th. Its Greyhaven's CD release; you can pay $5 for a full night of great music. We start getting it on at 9PM. See you then!

FANtastic show at the Vibe! Spinaker has taken their playing to the next level, and the new song is getting rave reviews! Thanks everyone who came to that show it was a lot of fun! Our next one is the opening night of SxSW, Tuesday March 16th, at the Capitol Drafthouse on 6th Street. Its right across the street from the Vibe, and it will be PACKED. Wristbands get in free, everyone else is $5. See you there!

spin10 charlie & zach oh yeah j on harmonica nate dogg

Thanks Mattie for the pics!

Spinaker is back at the Vibe this Saturday!
February 21st at 8 o'clock
With a new song thats really going to rock!
only 5 dollars to pay
you know there's no way
you can miss us play
So thrilling to experience it will bring you to shock!
bring a few friends
to see us perform
for the music transcends
far above the norm
8PMs when we begin
Saturday the 21st we'll see you then!

Fat Ted's was exactly what Spinaker dreamed of; and more. A terrific turnout including at least twenty five Austinites who drove three and a half hours, plus an untold number of Dallas denizens pumping up the band and keeping them jumping on stage. Without repeating a single song Spinaker excited and entertained the exuberant fans for all three hours of the performance, blending originals, jams, covers, and solo performances by band members into one hell of a show. OK ok, I know you wish you were there. Here are some pics. If you were there, you might see yourself in one of these crowd shots.

crowd1 close front right angle crowd2

Thanks Frank Allen for the pics!

For previous news about Spinaker go to the Old News Archive! Enjoy!