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August 12th, 2004



May 15th, 2004

Excalibur Benefit


May 9th, 2004

Scout Bar & live on the Buzz 94.5


May 2nd, 2004

Pecan Street Festival, KLBJ Stage


April 30th, 2004

Waterloo Ice House


April 17th, 2004



April 10th, 2004

Bowie Theatre


April 8th, 2004

Anderson's Trojan Live


March 27th, 2004

The Backroom


March 16th, 2004

Capitol Draft House


February 21st, 2004

The Vibe


January 30th, 2004

Fat Ted's


January 22th, 2004

The Backroom


December 21st, 2003

The Vibe

Battle of the Bands Finals

December 5th, 2003

Fat Ted's (In Dallas, TX)


November 29th, 2003

Waterloo Ice House


Thursdays in November (except Thanksgiving day)

The Vibe

9:00PM, Tallboys at 10PM

October 18th 2003

Bigsby's (505 E 6th)


October 17th 2003



October 5th 2003

Red Eyed Fly


September 18th 2003

The Vibe


September 8th 2003

Momo's (above Katz's on 6th)


September 6th 2003

Texas Mist (21+)


August 28th

The Vibe (With Swingin' Charlie)


August 24th 2003

The Backroom

8:00PM (it IS all ages)

August 13th 2003

The Vibe


May 23rd 2003

Waterloo Ice House


May 15th 2003

Anderson Theater

7:00 PM

April 12th 2003 The Vibe 8:00 PM
April 12th 2003 Excalibur @ McCallum outdoor stage Around 2:00 PM
April 5th 2003 Lake Travis High School 1:10 PM
April 1st 2003 Steamboat 9:00 PM
Saturday March 15th 2003 Capital (Across the Street from the Vibe) 8:00PM
Tuesday March 11th 2003 Steamboat 10:00PM
Friday March 7th 2003 Anderson High School Around 3:30PM
Thursday March 6th 2003 Anderson High School Around 7:30PM
Saturday February 22nd 2003 Vibe 4:00PM

...2/6/03... Love + Spinaker = Feb. 14th, 8:00PM at the Vibe! Bring you special someone to The Vibe to experience Rock N Roll Romance!
Flyer . . . 12/15/02 . . . On January the 13th at 9:00PM head on over to the VIBE (on 6th Street) to see one of the best shows of your life! We'll be playing for an hour so you'll get to hear almost all of our songs. Mark your calendars and bring your friends! See ya there!
...12/2/02... Head on over to the Anderson High School theater to check out "Justify My Own," "Love Lotion (#9?)" and "Reaper" live this Wednesday (that's two days from now!) at 7:00. It will be a stunning performance!
...11/18... Another good and fun show. Although it was extremely cold because we were playing outside, we managed to please fans and first time listeners alike. Sorry no pics (Thanks Julie for trying afterwards) - I may be getting a digital camera for christmas so look forward to good pics from every show.

Mundi=Zach's a baller ...11/10/02... An Awesome show at Cafe Mundi! The band rocked out on the roof to a crowd of at least 100 old time fans and first time listeners, with an awesome PA and an incredible energy. Although we were asked to play again the next night in San Marcos, some of the band members already had prior commitments so we were unable to play. Great thanks to Javier for setting the show up at Mundi.
Saturday, November 2nd, Spinaker will be playing on the rooftop of Club Mundi for the Almighty Halloween Bash! It is a costume party which features bands such as Dry County , Divide and more. Tickets are $4.00 presale, call or email me to get one. Music starts at 6pm, but specific band times are still unknown. The adress is 1704 E. 5th Street. The make-up date for rain is the next Saturday (11/9/02). Hope to see you there!
...10/23... MARS MUSIC SUCKS!!! They were "not prepared to handle" a full band because it was supposed to be "more of a singer/songwriter type thing," so we did not get to play. I talked to them twice about it and they did not mention a single thing about that until we tried came the day of the show! Look at the add yourself and see what you think! Their Final Words, "We're sorry you were misled." Sorry if they are misled when I kick their asses.
Open Mic Add ... 10/21 ... On Wednesday, October 23rd, Spinaker will break the two months of silence with a performance at Mars Music Center in Austin at around 8:45-9:00. We only get to play one song because it is an open mic/recording for a contest, but if you really want to see and hear us play, it will be worth it. We will either play the song "For What It's Worth" or "Justify My Own," and whatever choice it is will be recorded live and maybe, just maybe, available later to fans like you! Since we will most likely be the closing act we may have a chance to play an extra song or two . . . you never know.
Westover! ...6/24 ... We Balled the Westover show! Even though Aaron had just arrived from the airport less than an hour before and I returned from a week long bike trip the day before, we played an exciting show.
...6/22 ... We're playing at Westover on 6/23 at 7:30 PM! :)I just found out today, a day before the show, and Aaron's not getting back untill an hour before it starts! That makes it even more exciting, and I know it will be awesome. We hope to see you there!!!
Spinaker @ Lyssa's Graduation! 5/26 - Our first party gig (Lyssa's Graduation Party) and the first time we had to rent a PA system! We played in my backyard and it was really hot, but it was a good show. Starting with three songs and taking a break, we played a bit slow at first. After the break though, we played so hard we had to turn the volume down!!!
This coming Sunday, 5/26/2002, we will be playing at a graduation party! The party starts at 5 and ends at 8, but since it is a come and go thing we will probably play on and off the whole time. We'll kind of be in the background in the yard, but there's a good deck that feels like a balcony where people can watch us from. Hope to see you there!!!

Spinaker is best! ...It is too late to play during lunch, because we are too close to finals. But it isn't too late to use the school's recording studio to make a demo to give to clubs. Look for a (hopefully) busy schedule this summer. If you're dying to go out of town but afraid to miss the band (I know thats how everyone feels), go July 8-28 because Aaron and I will be at camp.

...this Thursday (I think its May 9th) Spinaker will be playing at least two songs at the Anderson Showcase Choir Concert!!! Last Thursday Nathan and I "tried out" and the choir director said "you guys rock!," but some of the songs don't quite fit with the choir program. I think we'll end up playing "Wondergirl" and a new one temporarily named "Fun Stuff." We had to name it something happy in order to play it Thursday and that is the first thing I thought of off the top of my head. Tuesday we will "try out" as a full band. I'm not sure the exact details, but I'll post them soon. Hope to see you there!

Look for us at a McCallum lunch performance soon!

Come to Shady Springs Party Barn from 3:00-4:00 April 13, 2002 for a full hour of Spinaker!

Trojan live will feature "Dumb Blonde" by Spinaker - a show you won't want to miss!